Let’s play music!

The hand and the brain need each other. Neurologically, “a hand is always in search of a brain, and a brain is in search of a hand,” as Wilson said, “ The use of the hands to manipulate three-dimensional objects is an essential part of brain development.”

And the good news is that when your child is playing a musical instrument then the hand and the brain are connecting and helping your child grow. So do you need any more motivation to gift your kids’ musical instruments today? Read on and we have 11 more reasons!


Playing musical instruments  has a good effect on your child’s growing brain, here are some things that you can do to expose your child to musical instruments:

  1. Buy a picture book  about musical instruments, name each instrument to your child and slowly your child will be able to name all the musical instruments.
  2. musical-instruments-vector-isolated-objects_1196-497For older kids help them understand the difference between instruments that need air and those that need strings etc, so that you are developing a deeper understanding of musical instruments with them and at the same time they are honing their observation, classification and set formation skills.
  3. Take children to a musical instruments store and explore the instruments theremusical-instruments-vector-isolated-objects_1196-497 and see what your child is interested in, and maybe you can first buy a younger version of the same. Remember not a toy version, a beginner’s version is better.
  4. If you find that it is too noisy to gift your child a musical instrument then select a specific time of the day and let your child play with it only then.
  5. Download instrument sounds from you- tube and listen to them with your child and connect to each instrument.musical notes
  6. Play a game of ABC with your child, name a musical instrument with each letter of the alphabet! Did you find all 26?
  7. If you want your kids to learn a musical instrument then share the fun of learning it with them, you explore it too!
  8. RecorderPlay a game, ‘Guess the instrument’, and ask thinking questions like, which instrument requires your finger and mouth to play it? (flute, recorder,etc). This thinking game helps kids relate instruments to facts about them.
  9. Let your kids draw different musical instruments and display them in the house.
  10. Go on a musical treasure hunt, hide chits with names of each instrument on them and as the child finds each chit, the child has to act out how he would play that musical instrument.
  11. Take them to a local museum to show them how  musical instruments have evolved over the ages.

Have a musical time with your child!



Picture source: http://www.freepik.com
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