What does the colour RED signify? Love? Stop? Or danger?

The love that you feel for your kids should be able to make you say STOP to a lot of things that are harmful for your kids. For example, an intake of  too many chemicals, eating too much fast food, playing too many video games, late nights, mall fun etc. So listed below are some things that you should immediately put a stop to in your child’s life if you really ‘love’ them, then show them the colour red- ‘STOP!’

stop sign

  1. Mall hopping-This is fine once a week but other times you should take your child to parks, beaches or on a treasure hunt around the city.
  2. fast-food-designs-collection_23-2147609981Fast food and packaged food is fine once a week too, as chemicals are entering your growing child’s body and causing havoc with his/her health and immune system.
  3. Show the colour red to your child for all kinds of soft drinks and wafers. If these were meant for kids then the ads would be targeted at kids, but they are not, they are targeted to the youth, so keep your kids away from them.fast-food-designs-collection_23-2147609981
  4. Show your child the colour red for late nights as your child’s brain is suffering because of late nights, after all the brain uses sleep time to sorting information and less sleep means the brain is not able to do its work. Children should be in bed by 9 pm. Yes, you heard it right, after all you love your kids don’t you?
  5. Your kids should not be watching television alone, you or another adult should always be with them, because it is important that you help them interpret the world of television to understand what is right and what is wrong etc.icons-about-journalism_1212-161
  6. Try to have a chemical free week! Yes, try to keep your kids away from every kind of chemical and understand how many chemicals you are pumping into your loving child unknowingly!


So do the above to use the colour red as a signal to STOP, now let’s learn about using the colour red as a sign for DANGER. This is for parents; remind yourself that too much love can be dangerous, very dangerous for your child’s emotional development and overall health. So learn to be firm. Too much of pampering and giving in to your child’s every demand spells danger, so look into your interaction with your child. Does your child win you over with tears and tantrums? Then red for love actually spells red for danger. Be firm about rules, be firm about what is good for your child and not what is good for you to keep your child quiet!

Now its time to add the color red in your child’s diet. After all this month is about the color red, so try the following in your child’s diet:

TOMATOES- Red for lovetomato

Correspond with: A tomato has four chambers and is red. Ditto for your HEART.

Their benefits: Tomatoes have fibre and lycopene, a type of phytochemicals. This is a powerful anti –oxidant. They also have Vitamin K which regulates blood flow.

Combine With: Lotus root, which resemble arteries. Okra is a good combo too since it’sfood-elements-collection_1212-397 known to purify blood capillaries. Tomatoes are best consumed through soups and sauces (without preservatives). While the raw form is healthy, cooked tomatoes are more advantageous as the heating process makes lycopene easily absorbable.


So red is for love and red is also to signal stop and danger..involve all three elements in your parenting.




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