The 7 magical wonders to gift children.


 7 is such a wonderful numberseven

7 wonders of the world,taj mahal


7 colours in a rainbow,



7 musical notes.

musical notes

It’s almost as if it’s a magical number. It tells us that when 7 things come together, it can make magic. So how about using the number 7 in your parenting? Yes parenting can be a pleasure or a pain, it can be a science or just plain trial and error. It can be an art or it can be a drudgery, the choice is in how it is perceived and practiced. So use the number 7 to make parenting a pleasure, a science and an art. Here are seven things that you can do as part of your parenting every day:

  1. Hug your child at least 7 times each day. Physical contact is a human need and it brings out the ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain.happy brain
  2. Feed your child at least 7 different varieties of food every day. The more varied your child’s diet is, the more interesting and healthy it will be, so avoid just cereals for the whole day, have a combination of fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk, dry fruits, sweets and grains.

3. Give your child 7 minutes of break time during a long homework session. The body and the mind both require breaks, it helps rejuvenate the brain and helps children remain attentive.

4. On the 7th day of the week (Sunday) spend the full day with your child and try to find 7 colours in the outdoors, at the park, beach or anywhere under the sun.

5. 7 o’clock is a good time to wake up every morning, it means that your child goes to sleep early every night to get the minimum hours of sleep required for a healthy brain.

7 O Clock Clipart 18

6.Check your child’s toy box, does it have 7 different kinds of toys? Variety is not only the spice of life, it is also the spice of happiness that in turn leads to attention, learning, and retention.

7.Ensure that your child drinks at least 7 glasses of water every day. Water contains oxygen and the brain requires oxygen or else children become lethargic and unable to concentrate. Water also cleanses the body.

7 simple things! Make them your parenting wonders and then see your child grow up happy and healthy.

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