Telling stories without books.


Children love listening to stories. And they may well demand a story at odd places like – while eating or bathing or travelling in a train. You can be caught without a book and hence be unable to tell a story but remember, a book is not always necessary to tell a story.




An ‘object’ and a ‘feeling’ are the only two things required to make up your own story.

For example you are giving your child a bath and he demands a story with your hands soaked in soap suds, a story book is out of question.

Then what? Fear not, – just look around and you will find bits and pieces of a story lying around you.



Well look around again.-can you see that rubber duck? Well lets start the story with him.”once upon a time there was a duck who loved to play in water,he would splash and swim and paddle all day long”….

-Are you stuck? Well look around again.

-what do you see? A bear shaped soap?

Well-“one day a bear came along to meet the duck.The duck was happy to see him and asked him if the bear would like to join him in the pond. Well our bear was a very naughty bear and he started splashing water on the duck, both of them had fun,suddenly the bear saw a boat”-notice the toy boat in the tub?-

“so the duck and the bear got into the boat and sailed happily everyday in the pond.”

There!  That was not very difficult was it? – well as I said an ‘object’ and a ‘feeling’…

Why a feeling? Well, one needs to give some direction for the story to move, so having a feeling like -lonely,happy etc is important.


Involve your child in the story as well,let  them add their  own ideas and thus make it a fun activity.

So the next time you are stuck without a story book and your child wants a new story, just look around for an ‘object’ and give it a ‘feeling’ and soon you will be saying,“Once upon a time…….


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