Season your parenting !


Is there something to be learned from each season about parenting and looking after children?? Well, I think that god created seasons to add a variety to our life and to help us appreciate the sun after the rain and the rain after the hot scorching days of summer. So let’s have some fun and try out some season based parenting techniques-


Summer season-Summer is all about the hot sun, cool shady places, cool drinks (not cold drinks!), summer clothes, ‘keeping our cool’ , getting a tan, swimming, splashing in the water, and summer is also about light food and lots of naps.

Parenting secrets to learn from summer season-

  1. Don’t be like the harsh scorching summer sun for your children or else they will seek out the shade in some other place!
  2. Give compliments often to your children, they will be like the cool drinks of summer, so refreshing and needed.
  3. Keep rules light and fresh like the summer clothes, so that your children do not feel hot and bothered in them.
  4. Let go of your reservations and go out and get dirty, play with your kids and allow them to be free.


Rainy season-All about umbrellas, rainbows, snails and frogs. Peacocks dancing. Yummy food. Floods in the city. Getting wet. Thunder. Lightening. Dark clouds. The cool wet breeze. The smell of the wet mud and of course splashing in the rain and getting wet.

Parenting secrets to learn from the rains-

  1. LET GO! The most important parenting secret, let go of your inhibitions and allow children to explore and grow.
  2. Just like the rain washes away all the dust and heat, see that you have warm words and actions for your child after you have been angry with them.
  3. Ask yourself do I give enough reasons for smiles to my child, do I give him/her all the colours of the rainbow?
  4. The snails should teach us that all children may not be achievers so learn to accept the snails too!
  5. The frogs teach us to shout, whoop with joy. It’s nice once in a while
  6. The peacock shows its lovely colours and feathers only when it rains. So if you want your child to show his lovely talents and gifts do you shower them with the rain of love and acceptance?


Winter season-

Warm sweaters. Hot food. Cuddling up with a warm blanket. Snugly caps and gloves. Sitting by the fire. Waiting for warmer days. Shorter days. Longer nights.

Parenting secrets to learn from the winter season-

  1. Winter teaches us to cuddle and get closer, have you hugged your child today? Do you hug him/her often?
  2. Do you give children the feeling of being warm, looked after? Or do they always feel the chilly winds of your ‘high expectations’
  3. The greatest warm food that you can give your child is a sense of belonging, the feeling that ‘I can and I will’.
  4. Winter teaches us to have lesser expectations from our children and give more of our time and trust.

So ‘season’ your parenting with the above and you can never go wrong! Happy ‘seasoned’ parenting!


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One thought on “Season your parenting !

  1. Interesting beautifully it has linked seasons and enlightens the parents how to pick seasons to help children learn ..a amazing way to season parenting.


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